Earrings Up, Don't Take 'em Lying Down
Rings Photos, Eye Do, and I Don't - Part Two of Two

Rings Photos, Eye Do, and I Don't - Part One of Two

The previous post was about getting quality photographic images of earrings.

This post is about common mistakes with ring photos. Today is the "eye don't" bad ring positions in photos. The next post is "Eye Do" for quality photo images.

Ringbadphoto1"Eye Don't" uses a commercial ring display through the ring. This is a guaranteed bad photo option no matter how beautiful the ring.



"Eye Don't" uses a stick or mandrel through the ring.





Ring 4 

"Eye Don't" prop up the rings with sticks or any other fixture. It looks awkward and hides the ring.


Ringbad3"Eye Don't" holds the ring in the photo. No matter how interesting the ring is, most people have unattractive hands, thus the photos look awkward.


Badring8"Eye Don't" wears the ring in the photo. We can't see the entire ring and hands are usually unattractive and distracting.



Ring5"Eye Don't" lay down the ring. This creates a lifeless image obscuring part of the ring. The image of the ring is too small, not filling the frame.

Badringphoto 6While this ring photo isn't bad, it isn't as good as it could be. Laying down the ring is lifeless, and we should see more of the stone on top. In addition, the hallmark (inside the ring) is upside down. Standing up the ring (as shown in the diamond ring to the right) looking at the shoulder of red stones, and the hallmark inside the ring would be a vast improvement. Ringgood1stand

Stay tuned for better ring photos in the next post on ASK Harriete.


This post was updated on March 17, 2022.