Rings Photos, Eye Do, and I Don't - Part One of Two
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Rings Photos, Eye Do, and I Don't - Part Two of Two

The previous post on ASK Harriete had examples of "Eye Don't" ring photos, the most common mistakes when taking photos of rings. I am not trying to make light of the situation. Taking a photo of a ring is perhaps one of the most challenging situations there is for getting a quality photographic image.

To get a quality photo of a ring you need (at a minimum):

  • Plenty of light to increase the depth of field so the entire ring will be in focus.
  • Close-up lens or camera with a Macro setting suitable for getting in close and in focus.
  • Museum Wax or Earthquake Hold
  • Flawless background suitable for a closeup image.

These commercial ring photos show a couple of excellent ring positions.

Ringgood1standStanding the ring upright can show the side and top. Note how the inside of the ring is still in focus and the hallmark is visible. What a great way to get your "name" out there.



Ringgood2leanforwardPhotographing the ring from the top displays the top of the ring effectively. Note how the brand name or hallmark inside the ring is in focus and helps establish the "brand."



Ringgood3loriGottliegStanding up the ring creates a great composition. Use a little Museum Wax or Earthquake Hold to position the ring for the photo. The entire ring is in focus. Ring by Lori Gottlieg on The Artful Home.






Ringgood5This ring stands ups nicely. The stone is prominent and you can still see the hallmark inside the ring. Ring by April Higashi.

I hope this post and the previous post help you take better photos.  If you have a great photo of a ring, please send it. I will ADD it to this post.  


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