What Should Trunk Show Promotion Look Like?
Earrings Up, Don't Take 'em Lying Down

What information Does a Promotional Image Need?

NoCredit72AH800When you send a promotional image, do you always include a description, size, dimensions? How about a link to your web site?

Did you include the price? When it's a Trunk Show or craft fair and the event is all about selling, yes, in this situation include the price.

PushFlowerah800If asked for a promotional image of your work, are you ready to send an image in the next five minutes? A successful artist or maker is always ready. The Press always wants their images yesterday.

TrunkshowmodifiedFor the upcoming SNAG Trunk Show a couple of people sent me images. They were prepared!


"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation."
--Robert Schuller


JenniferButterfieldpendentJennifer Butterfield sent this pendant image as a TIF at 6MB.

TIP #1
 Send a JPG and offer TIFs for print as an option. 

Purse by Joan WatersThis purse is by Joan Waters. It is a great idea for a Trunk Show image or standing outside the show.

TIP #2 Please include a complete description.
Joan  included dimensions and materials with the image. Good for her! This sculpture is 5' high x 4' wide, made of welded steel.


Don FriedlichDon Friedlich sent this image of his brooch. His images have a strong graphic appeal.

 TIP #3  Photos should be dramatic and eye catching.


Shelia SummerlinSheila Summerlin sent the image to the left.

TIP #4 Always include a link to your web site along with a complete description.





Amaretti72.AH800I am looking forward to the TRUNK SHOW at the SNAG Conference. Last year it was a huge success.

The Trunk Show is May 26, 2012.

Saturday 12:30 - 2:30p.m.
Grand Ballroom 1A & B
Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
6902 East Greenway Parkway,
Scottsdale, AZ

If you are in the SNAG Trunk Show write about it on your blog, web site, Facebook or Crafthaus page. Spread the word with images of your work and others. Send me your images if you are in the Trunk Show.

My Flower Pins are available for purchase at the SNAG Trunk Show, Etsy or my web site. Price range is $225 to $575 for one-of-a-kind work makes this a very affordable price range.