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Tips for Safe Shipping of Jewelry

Shipping jewelry, gemstones, or high-value items is a specialized shipping scenario. Considerations include insurance limitations by shipping companies and theft.

Do you know how best to protect your jewelry during shipping?

Tina Pint of Jeweler's Mutual Insurance Company offers great information about shipping jewelry in her presentation below. This presentation was originally given during the SNAG Professional Development Seminar 2012. Presentations and more information about shipping are also available on my website.


1) Double or triple box your work.
     This prevents "slitting" the box to steal the contents.


2 No-box) Never label your box "jewelry" even if this is part of the name of your company or the shipping destination.

  • Using the words jewelry, gemstones, and diamonds just makes your box a target for thieves.



3) Don't ship a tiny box.

  • Tiny boxes scream "jewelry inside, steal me".

4) Check the shipping & insurance policies of the shipper.

  • Many shipping companies limit insurance for shipping jewelry.



5) USPS Registered Mail was the preferred shipper in most cases.

  • Insurance should cover the amount of money you would receive in payment.    
  • If selling wholesale, insure for wholesale.
  • If selling retail, insure for retail.


6) Declare full value to avoid fraud.

  • Fraud is a Federal offense if using USPS. (Listen to the Q & A at the end of Tina Pint's lecture for an explanation of this issue.)


7) Always include an Inventory Record or Invoice.

  • Document the contents of your box (e.g with photos).





This is an informative presentation by Tina Pint of Jeweler's Mutual Insurance Company:


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