SHIPPING Options for LARGE SCULPTURE - "thinking outside the box"

DollargrShipping is expensive and it seems to cost more all the time. The cost of shipping large-scale work can be prohibitive.  More problems arise when the size of your box or crate exceeds the limitations of standard shipping options like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. It can be very stressful, and the shipping solutions aren't all that easy to find on your own.

That is why Kim Cridler's lecture "Shipping Large Sculpture" is so great. Kridler offers multiple options for shipping large-scale work outside of the white glove, professional art shippers that are impossible for most of us to afford.

 BoxesAre you prepared for success? Do you think ahead about shipping when you design the work? Kim Cridler shows how she disassembles her work for safe shipping.

Are you planning for shipping in your schedule three months in advance?
See how Kim Cridler plans ahead.

Are you planning for the shipping expenses? What are the options?

What shipping documentation would exhibition locations expect to see? Cridler reveals her recommendations.  

This fabulous lecture Shipping Large Sculpture by Kim Cridler includes less familiar shipping options such as:

  • Blanket Wrapped Shipping
  • Less Than Truckload Shipping
  • Greyhound Shipping
  • Amtrak Shipping
  • Navis Pack & Ship
  • Plus...of course, the ultimate in do it yourself with U-Haul.

Shipping Large Sculpture by Kim Cridler

Kim Cridler also prepared a great handout offering practical advice about shipping options for large sculpture. Download the PDF HANDOUT Shipping Large Scale Work Kim Cridler

Kim Cridler working in the studio

Kim Cridler working on large sculpture in the studio.

Kim Cridler Sculpture finished in the studioase

Kim Cridler with finished work in the studio (above).

Kim Cridler large sculpture shipped in truck.ut

Blanket wrapped shipping. Suspended inside the truck. 

Kim Cridler Large Sculpture Installed.eutrInstalled

Sculpture by Kim Cridler installed.

This presentation Shipping Large Sculpture and the handout by Kim Cridler were originally given at the SNAG 2012 Professional Development Seminar.

The PDS occurs each year during the SNAG Conference. Organized by Brigitte Martin, Andy Cooperman, and myself, Harriete Estel Berman. The PDS provides professional development information for the arts and craft community.

Please feel welcome to share this information with your fellow artists, makers, and arts organizations. 

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