Tips for Safe Shipping of Jewelry

Upon Return of Work - Always Open the Box IMMEDIATELY

BoxCrushedFRAGILEUpon return of your art or craft from an exhibition, open the box or crate immediately or within a few days at the most.


 CHECK CONTENTS against the Inventory List or Shipping Receipt. Make sure everything that was placed in the box has returned from the venue.

Tina Pint from Jeweler's Mutual Insurance specifically addresses this concern in her lecture Safe Shipping of Jewelry. Small high-value items can be removed from a single box fairly easily and the box reclosed, thus her caution for double or even triple boxing.

Brigitte Martin also describes a similar concern in her upcoming lecture "If Shipping Goes Wrong" when a crate arrived broken in the truck with parts from a sculpture strewn around the truck bed. A great reason to double-box smaller elements inside the crate.

It is important to check that the art or craft has survived shipping and is "O.K." against the Condition Report.

IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS, DOCUMENT THE CONTENTS OF THE BOX IMMEDIATELY with a camera or your phone camera. Photo documentation is essential if you expect to file an insurance claim.

 ClaimsDamage2010_Page_1If you ever need to make an insurance claim, the Professional Guidelines has a document Claims for Damaged Work.

ClaimsDamage2010_Page_2This document gives you step-by-step instructions about how to make a successful claim for damaged work with the responsible organization, their insurance company, or the shipping company.

ClaimsDamage2010_Page_3Claims for Damaged Work: Artist Checklist itemizes a list of tasks that should be followed to make a successful insurance claim.

ClaimsDamage2010_Page_4The tasks are listed chronologically.  Remember that the insurer will always look for reasons to deny or approve your claim - your verbal statement is not enough. 

When it comes to shipping, you must establish that your packing was more than adequate to protect your work during shipping.

You must prove your case with as much evidence as possible or your claim may be denied. 


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Prestige, Value and Identity Bracelets by Harriete Estel Berman
Prestige, Value and Identity Bracelets by Harriete Estel Berman
Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

TAOKA3BOXESThere are several presentations ranging from shipping jewelry from precious materials to large sculptures. There is also a great cost comparison with three different size boxes and different insurance values. Stay tuned.

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