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In$urance Value, Whole$ale Price, Retail Price - Under$tand the Money

Dam# Damaged Boxes - Photograph or Video DAMAGES!

Damaged Boxes? Photograph with your camera, phone or video record. 

Inside TRUCK with damaged boxes As soon as the truck arrives, be ready to start shooting photos. If the work turns out to be completely safe, you can delete the photos.

A couple of years ago, I was in this situation and noticed damage to my exterior shipping boxes before they were even removed from the truck.  Some were visibly damaged; others not.

Driveway 17 crush bottom of another box. Photograph every box as it comes off the truck. 

Inform the truck driver to make sure he notices the damaged boxes also. 

Be nice to the driver.  It's probably not his fault.


Driveway 16 crushed box Report damages to everyone you can think of including, but not limited to the shipping agent, shipping company and the exhibition/store/gallery staff. 

Sometimes the shipping company wants to look at the boxes before you open them.

Sometimes they will  tell you to go ahead and open the boxes to see if the work is damaged.

Always be cautious and follow their instructions.

If they allow you to open the boxes....keep photographing each step to document the  packaging
 as you open the box.   Even if you paid for shipping insurance, you must prove that the packing was more than adequate to protect the artwork.

If the work is damaged in transit, you'll want to make a successful claim for damaged work. Your photographs or videos become the foundation of your claim. 

Stay tuned!
Last week I was on Jay Whaley Bench Talk on BlogTalkRadio in conversation with French Thompson as we offered an hour of
shipping tips.  Find out if you are packing and shipping your work effectively. Save money, time, and tears.

The next post is about insurance value, wholesale value, and retail value.


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