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DOCUMENTATION for Shipping: An Easy Step by Step Guide

HarrieteBlueFaceDocumentation for shipping art and craft is essential and professional. I've talked myself blue in the face about this topic but others certainly echo the advice.

Several presentations about shipping from the SNAG Professional Development Seminar mentioned documentation as the key to successful shipping and to be taken seriously as a professional.

Combining all of the advice the below presentation offers an easy, straightforward  step-by-step guide for:
Documentation for SHIPPING Art and Craft

Condition Report PDF

Packing Tips Sheet from ASK Harriete  


BlogtalkradioThe archived recording of a conversation about shipping with French Thompson and Greg Berg can be found on  Jay Whaley Bench talk on BlogTalkRadio. We will be talking about how to prevent common shipping problems with practical tips and recommendations for artists and makers.

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