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Exhibition Opportunities for Metalsmiths

Push Yourself Flower Pin by Harriete Estel Berman constructed from recycled tin cans.  Two opportunities for exhibiting work with online and gallery exhibitions are listed below.

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1) “Ferrous”- A Cooperative Exhibition between Velvet da Vinci Gallery (San Francisco) and Crafthaus (an online social network of artists and makers).

2)  "Holding Place: A Repository of Containers and Vessels"

MORE INFORMATION about both exhibitions is below.



Ferrous_logo_v2Ferrous -  Steel, iron, and pig iron: materials used by mankind for thousands of years. The Chinese were already making pig iron by the late Zhou Dynasty (1122-256 BC) and the usage of iron (Berlin Iron) in jewelry has been well documented.

Velvet Da Vinci Gallery and Crafthaus are joining forces to create a new exhibition of jewelry that brings ferrous materials into the contemporary realm. We are looking for artists from all countries who create jewelry in ferrous materials (iron, steel, stainless steel, and other iron alloys) or incorporate ferrous elements into their jewelry work.

There will be a catalog of the exhibition produced by Velvet Da Vinci with an essay by Jillian Moore. All participating artists will receive a complimentary copy. Additional copies can be purchased via the gallery.

Open to everyone. Crafthaus membership is NOT required!! International entries are welcome.

Exhibition dates: March 6 - April 6, 2013

Simultaneous exhibition at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco, CA and Crafthaus.
For more information about FERROUS go to Crafthaus. 
Share this link with your friends: http://crafthaus.ning.com/group/ferrous



Holding Place: A Repository of Containers and Vessels by Metalsmiths Around the World

Illy COFFEEPOT by Harriete Estel Berman.One of the axioms of mathematics is that the container must be greater than the contained. Prove us right!

Ganoksin is pleased to announce its third annual International Online Jewelry Exhibition. This year's theme will be "Holding Place: A Repository of Containers and Vessels by Metalsmiths Around the World".

The exhibition is open to all metalsmiths, professional and amateur, advanced and beginner, around the world. All metal containers and vessels are eligible for entry. Examples include, but are not limited to, pill boxes, vases, bowls, pitchers, lockets, prayer boxes, and memento mori.

As this is an online exhibition the work will only be seen via the photographs metalsmith submit. It is therefore vital that these be in focus, on a neutral background (preferably not textured), and do an excellent job allowing the viewer to really see the piece and the workmanship involved. Any photographs not meeting exhibition standards will not be used, and the submitting metalsmith will be asked to re-submit the entry with a higher quality of photographs. Works will be juried by the curator and director.

The exhibition will be curated by Beth Wicker, Co-President of the North Carolina Society of Goldsmiths in the United States, and Adjunct Instructor at Northeastern Technical College in South Carolina. The Director of the exhibition is Hanuman Aspler, founder of The Ganoksin Project, the world's largest internet jewelry site.

Entries are accepted from now until January 15, 2013

Details and entry information is available.
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