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THINK-ing CRAFT Addresses Education

Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin is about the impact of standardized testing on education. It will be shown at DeAnza College. The opening is next week. Please come if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Art of Education
October 22 - December 7, 2012
Euphrat Museum of Art
DeAnza College
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
Wednesday, Oct. 24, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
I will be there, it is my birthday!!!!!

The Art of Education exhibition will include Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin by Visiting Artist Harriete Estel Berman. Additional work by De Anza & Foothill Art Faculty and Staff will highlight the diverse yet interconnected work of art faculty and staff and their educational philosophy.

Below is a phenomenal lecture by Seth Godin about the current educational system. Watch it! 
This video aligns with many of the concepts behind my artwork about education.

Pencil3GREENIn this video Seth Godin says:

"Some of you have a number two pencil.... the number two pencil is famous because Frederick J Kelly made it famous.

Back around World War I we had a problem because there was this huge influx of students because we expanded the school  day to include high school students. And there was this huge need to sort them all out. So he invented the standardized test. An abomination!

He gave it up ten years later when the emergency was over, but because he gave it up, because he called it out, because he said the standardized test was to crude to be used.... he was ostracized and lost his job as the president  of a university, because he dared to speak up against a system that was working."

THNKing CRAFT. What is the impact of standardized testing on education?