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The State of the Art Fair Business

For those of you following the series on The White Tent or the White Wall, the next post is about booth display, but I wanted to bring some information to your attention.

Greg Lawler, Editor, and Publisher, The Art Fair SourceBook has an opinion piece titled: My Views on the State of the Art Fair Business.

It is worth reading!

Topics include:

  • Sales have declined...
  • Costs have skyrocketed!
  • Predictability has plunged – the ZAPP attack...
  • Why has it been so challenging for so many to jury into good shows?

He also has some worthy considerations for:

  • What can be done?
  • Why should art fair directors care about all of this?
  • What can an artist do about it?

He specifically suggests the participants "pay attention to the presentation" of their work. That is my next couple of stayed tuned.

In the meantime, read the opinion piece by Greg Lawler. It's time for artists and makers to be smarter and more effective in taking control of the craft marketplace from the smallest detail to having a more comprehensive understanding of the market forces at play. Take control of your future. 

If you don't sell at craft shows or art festivals, this information is still affecting everyone in craft media.
From high to low, the poor economy combined with oversupply and reduced demand is sucking down prices and quality like a black hole. 


If you are new to ASK Harriete I have been covering the issues surrounding the craft marketplace since Labor Day in the series The  White Tent or the White Wall.

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