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The Craft Show Booth Just Stands There

ApplewhiteIn recent years, superior display and merchandising have become synonymous with good product design. Think about Apple Computer - sleek products, youth-oriented advertising, and Apple stores sparkling and brilliant white. 

"The company has executed a near-flawless strategy, from the stores' architecture and design right down to their sales staff." is by far the most valuable chain in the U.S.

WhitecratebarrellDisplays and merchandising that literally "attract" the consumer are readily apparent all around us.  Yet, the conventional white tent of craft shows seems stuck in time and is getting left behind by contemporary merchandising.


Wordle.rustGREEN.Unfortunately, white tent craft show displays rarely feel innovative or original.  Most of the booths are, well, plain, mundane, look-alikes. . . mismatched...not attracting customers.

To put this into dollars and cents, a poor craft show display costs money, and very likely much more than you thought.  If potential customers walk past your booth, that is a lost revenue opportunity.

If you want to be successful in the future of craft, then improved display and merchandising are essential.  Our target customers (and all consumers) are accustomed to stores with remarkable displays and sophisticated merchandising. I don't think it is going too far to say that great store displays "seduce" the consumer. 

Aspirational marketing means evoking the consumer's aspirations to perceive what they desire.  Play into the consumer's desire to be that beautiful, that powerful, or having that much fun.  

Pink There are all kinds of successful merchandising examples . . . think

  • Polo Ralph Lauren sending the subtle message of old money,
  • Victoria's Secret's Pink campaign (cute, colorful, sexy, and seductive),
  • MAC makeup to look amazing.

MACYour display style needs to elevate your art or craft in the eyes of the consumer.  Your booth is not just a viewing space.  How can a booth become an experience? 

WindowwhiteREDI know that creating an amazing display can be a challenge. We aren't display professionals, but this needs a solution.

So I set an assignment for myself. Could I go to the mall and in one hour find display ideas that could be low-cost for a craft booth display? 

2nd assignment Could I look at window designs and online displays for remarkable craft booth ideas?

Wait till you see what I found!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely! Stay tuned for booth ideas that could be remarkable.


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