White Tents or Remarkable Purple Cows
The value of "brand" and branding

The White Tent - Rehab.

WhiteTENTcalendarDuring the entire month of September, these posts explored the White Tent. The response?  Fantastic! The amount of comments, replies and concerns raised have been overwhelming. Apparently, many issues are coming to the surface that I and many other people have been thinking about . . . but never discussed in a public context.

This discussion has prompted me to initiate over 40 draft blog posts. Yikes! That is a lot of topics or problems and hopefully, solutions.

Continuing on the current path of excessive over supply and waning demand, the craft field will whither under the inevitable consequences of economic pressures. Or we can look for ways to survive AND possibly even thrive.

Unfortunately, the craft marketplace has been in a steady decline for a long time. A thriving economy over most of the past two decades concealed chronic bad habits. But then the recession has revealed extremely poor health.

Until we examine the symptoms, diagnosis the problems, and accept the "cause & effect" realities, the craft market place will continue to decline.  

Medicine Vitalizer BOTTLERemedies need to be multifaceted. One therapy will not treat all the symptoms.

Full recovery is optimistic, but certainly can't happen if we choose to ignore the symptoms or fail to take actions to improve the situation.

Future posts will try to diagnosis individual symptoms and suggest appropriate rehab options.

I'll try to keep the posts shorter. Is that possible?


TherapyMany of the comments from readers of ASK Harriete have been particularly enlightening about problems that aren't readily apparent, and I hope you will continue to share your points of view either privately, or publicly in the comments. Email me anytime at: bermaid [at] harriete-estel-berman.info.

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