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Window Dressing for Booth Display - White on White!

Window Dressing for Booth Display - Mirror Mirror

Many booths need mirrors to sell their items.... such as jewelry, scarves, or clothing. Why not make your mirror a focal point?
Mirror, mirror.

Imagine a whole booth of mirrors
find an old mirror and decorate it to match your booth.

Another idea below:
Go to a plastics store and have them cut a bunch of mirrored Plexiglas.

Mirro rmirror The Window Display Blog

Seems that the squares could hang using mono-filament fishing line from the tent structure or pipe & drape. I can see the movement as being fabulous as it would catch the light and the eye.

Mirror balls capture the light.
Mirror balls
Christmas window display found on Flickr


Gold metallic details with fabric create an upholstery motif.

More ideas on Friday...followed by a summary.

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This post was updated on June 27, 2022.