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Today's post will help you catch up on the ASK Harriete 2012 Series of improving SEO for artists, makers, jewelers, metalsmiths, crafts persons, or creators. The links are below.

We still have several more days of tutorials and lots to learn so I want to be sure you are up to speed.  ASK Harriete has great posts coming up with amazing information that will help you improve your website.


Whether you have a blog or website understanding online tools are as important to the savvy artist as the paintbrush, scissors, or saw.

During the holidays, ASK Harriete is doing a daily series of basic fix-its that everyone can do to improve the chance that your website will be found by customers, collectors, or curators.

SEO series 2012:

Did You Register Your Web Site on Google Webmaster Tools?

SEO Success: Fix Those Duplicate Titles

Titles RULE - Title EVERY ONE of Your Website Pages Differently

Has Google found your site? Every page?

Avoid URL Mistakes I Have MADE


SEO series 2011:

The best website or blog evaluation!

Does Your HOME Page Load Quickly?

Simple, Sensible, Sensational, SEO Improvements.

Your Website HOME page is Like The Front Door of Your House

Search Engines Have No Vision - Play TAG, Your IT - Create Tags for better SEO from 2.0 sites

Search Engines Have No Vision - SEO for 2.0 sites.

Search Engines Have No Vision! So Help SEO "SEE" Your Images

SEO 2009:

Images on your website, Are they lost or found?

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