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Create a Sitemap and Submit for Visibility

It is recommended for better website/blog visibility to  

  • Create a Sitemap 
  •  Submit a Sitemap to Google for better SEO.

Map collage by Harriete Estel Berman from recycled tin cans.
A page from the art book
"And Let There Be Light"
steel, riveted.
Artist:Harriete Estel Berman
Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

This post is how to create a Sitemap and submit a Sitemap. These instructions may work for your blog, and maybe your website, too, especially, if you have a template type host.

I will be the first to admit I am afraid.

Step by step, this is how I submitted a Sitemap for my blog.






First I read all the Sitemap tutorials on Typepad and Google.

If your aren't on Typepad, find tutorials for your blog or website host.

Next open all the window you need to keep all the various instructions and sites open at the same time. I just can not remember these tech instructions. It is like complete gibberish the first time.

Blog ASK Harriete Typepad (the host for my blog) says it will create a Sitemap for you and submit it to Google.
This is shown in the image below.

Typepad Sitemap SEO

The problem... is that Google Webmaster Tools said there was no Sitemap.

So I decided that I have to try and do this myself.
I went to my Google Webmaster Tools OPTIMIZATION.  GoogleWebmasterSitemapsLINK
CLICK on Optimization > then CLICK on Sitemaps.

Google Sitmap submit page

CLICK  on the button that says:
                        ADD/TEST SITEMAP,  it looks like the image below right.Google SITEMap BUTTON


GOOGLE add test button window
Paste the site map address from your blog* or web site provider in the window on Google Webmaster Tools. It should look like the image above.

I pasted my sitemap URL into the window. The URL below is the web address for my blog ASK Harriete Sitemap.
*AT the beginning of this post, I found the URL on Typepad.


Keep in mind that I didn't paste in the whole URL ...just the part that was missing........from the box. (Look at the image below.)
Google Webmaster Tools Submitting Sitemap URL

CLICK on the Submit Sitemap Button that looks like the image right. GoogleSubmitSitemapButton



You can too!!!!
In the box below you can see  that Google Webmaster Tools now says I have a Sitemap submitted.
 Google Sitemap SUBMITTED
P.S. If your website is on Wordpress here is a tutorial.

How to submit your website sitemap is coming a future post. It involved asking a 3rd party website to make me a Sitemap.

More scary stuff to do.

Hands hiding face before scary job