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Did You Register Your Web Site on Google Webmaster Tools?

Goggle Webmaste rTools

Yes, I know this sounds a bit overwhelming, but a productive web site is an on going task, always with room for improvement.  Google Webmasters is a very helpful tool and registration is completely free.  (Embedded videos don't show in the email subscription of ASK Harriete. Go to the actual post.)

Every year, during the quiet of the holidays, I work on improving my web site. This is the perfect time to catch up, and gain more visibility for your work online.  Over the next couple of weeks,  ASK Harriete will offer easy tips to help your web site achieve better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Whether you have a blog or web site, one site or 1,000 sites;  Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools.   Learn with me as I discover how to use these tools.  They can be as important to today's on line savvy artist as the paintbrush, scissors or saw.

Verification of your site can be "tricky" for amateurs. It took me several tries.
Here is a page with detailed instructions for verifying you own your site.

These tools are not just for professionals. I am largely self taught, learning by using tools and services on the web.  If I can do it, just about anyone could.  The Google Webmaster Academy has tutorials for reference as well. Below is an older video Google Webmaster Tools that describes some of the webmaster tools and how they benefit your site. (I noticed that the videos don't show in the email subscription of ASK Harriete. Click on the link provided instead.)

Now time to improve my web site's visibility and find mistakes with me on ASK Harriete.  (I already fixed 13 errors this afternoon.)