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SEO Success: Fix Those Duplicate Titles

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Every year I work on improving my web site during the quiet of the holidays. This is the perfect time to catch up, and ramp up for the new year.

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My suggestions for improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your web site are always free basic fix-its that everyone can do to improve the chance that your web site will be found by customers, collectors or curators.

No baloney. No manipulation of search results with tricks.

Today's post is about duplicate titles tags.

The important issue is that the title is unique for every page. Even if you are using WordPress, or template for your web site, every page has a title.

Tins RED in the studio of Harriete Estel Berman

Tins RED stored in my 1,000's of tin cansin Just like you would not post two identical images, you don't want to duplicate title tags for different pages. I wrote about this before on ASK Harriete.

Duplicate page titles are NOT good for 3 reasons:

  • Search engines think every page is the same.
  • Google now penalizes web sites with duplicate content.
  • Duplicate titles will hurt SEO for your web site.


Below is an example of duplicate titles on my web site, and how I found the mistake.  The correction was easy, finding the duplicate titles was hard until I found this great tool on Google Webmasters.
HEBwebsitebendingbrakeIt turns out that I had three pages (show below left) on my web site  all with the SAME title:"In My Studio - tools used to construct my work."




A recent newsletter from Jill Whalen
(my SEO guru) told me how to find duplicate page titles using Google Webmaster Tools.


If you aren't already registered with Google Webmaster Tools this is a free service and your first step.

This is really important. The tools of Google Webmasters are all free diagnostic tools for improving your web site or blog. I am going to spend the next week learning how to use these tools with the readers of ASK Harriete.  

To get started, read the previous post. Learn how to add your site to Google Webmaster Tools and verify your site.

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More information about writing titles can be found in: Titles RULE - Title EVERY ONE of Your Website Pages Differently