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What's the Artist's Job for a Show?

Alison Antelman suggests artists ask themselves:
“What do you want the show to provide for you?" 
"What are your expectations?"
 "What can you do to bring expectations to reality?"
Art fair LATE at NIGHT by Alison Antelman
Photo Courtesy of Alison Antelman

Antelman continues...

AlisonSettingUpBooth in SantaMonica
Alison Antelman
setting up her booth at
Contemporary Crafts Market
Santa Monica, CA

Consider the amount of effort you will expend to prepare and exhibit at a craft show; the physical labor, time, and money involved; investment in the display, wear and tear on your display and tent, lodging and travel, food, and booth fees.  Well before you go to the show, it’s worth some thought about self-promotion.

While the primary responsibility for show promotion rests with the event organizer, artists and makers can play a significant role in making a show successful for themselves. 

Alison Antelman recommends that every show participant do the following as part of checklist months before and at the show:  

  • Provide amazing, professional-quality images for publicity of the work that you will exhibit.
  • Include image descriptions and photo credit
  • Include contact information for the artist/maker
  • Provide links, emails, and contacts for newspapers and blogs where the show promoter or their P.R. agency might be able to promote the show.
  • Provide short videos (no more than 3 minutes) about you and your work for promotion  (NOTE: this is new but I’ve seen the request several times recently)
  • Reach out to your clients in the area.
  • Be professional.
  • Be a good booth neighbor   

Harriete recommends that the better you are at reaching out to local newspapers, bloggers, or media contacts, the more likely you are to get a feature article. Two months before the show, look for local newspapers and online media writers. Don't hesitate to write a personal note including one amazing image along with a short description, show information, and booth number.


Metro Ring.
Metro Ring by Alison Antelman
18 k. &, tangerine garnet,

Yes, technically, all of the above should be done by the show promoter, but there is nothing wrong with a personal note (not a press release.)

In addition, if a writer contacts you, make yourself available immediately as a top priority. Your interview should be full of positive energy and excitement for the upcoming event.


Good luck with your next show. Create your own success with research, planning, and a fantastic display.

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