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Bing Webmaster Submit More Pages for SEO

BING Webmaster Offers Useful Tools

bing (Microsoft's Search Engine) is really trying to capture a share of the search market. They are promoting their search engine everywhere including television ads. Have you seen them? In December, Bing continued its incremental gains in U.S. search market share.

BingWebmasterlogoWhile not everyone uses Bing, I think it is helpful to sign up for their bing Webmaster Tools because they offer several unique tools...that are easy to use.

Mistakes on your website or blog are hard to find, yet, if you have too many mistakes your website will not work properly or more likely it will rank lower in search results. That would be really bad news.

Superior performance for your website= better SEO. Better SEO means more people find out about your art or craft.

To use bing Webmaster Tools you will have to VERIFY the ownership of your site. It was easier to do on Bing than Google.

Verify your website
and it opens a rich resource of tools.

Warning: Looking at all the webmaster diagnostic tools on Bing or Google is overwhelming. Don't try to swallow too much at once. Just learn one thing at a time.




Submit your Sitemap to bing.

Bing Webmaster Submit Sitemap
If you missed how to make a sitemap go back to these two posts for instructions.

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The next posts reveal how to use two useful tools. Don't get overwhelmed. We will go one step at a time.