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Bing Webmaster Submit More Pages for SEO

The previous post suggested verifying your website on  bing Webmaster Tools and submitting a sitemap.

BingWebmasterDashboardThis post will show a useful tool on bing webmaster for submitting the URL of individual pages to bing search. 

This could be helpful because search engine crawlers do not always catch every page.  Seldom viewed pages are less likely to be found and indexed on search engines.


To show how a webmaster might submit URLs to bing, I will use pages from my website (that were missed in my sitemap) as an example.


First look over the list of bing Webmaster tools.


Bing Webmaster SUBMIT urls close upsWe want to use the Submit URLs.












The Submit URLs looks like the image below. (click on the image for a larger view.) 

Bing Webmaster SUBMIT urls

Submit URLS gives you an opportunity to submit the pages from your website  that get less traffic.

A URL is an address for a page on a website.
Less important pages on my web site do not have as many links so they are not on my sitemap. By submitting the URL of these pages, I know they will be indexed for search. This means more traffic.

I want all of my artwork to be found in search. Don't you want all your art or craft to be discovered?

Submit URLs is a fantastic quick tool. You can cut and paste 10 URLs in one window! Love that efficiency. Another day I will come back and do 10 more for up to 50 URLs in one month.  

Bing Webmaster URL submissionI


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