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Artists: Submit Your Sitemap to Google

Create A Sitemap For Your Website Using a free 3rd Party Website

Google recommends submitting a Sitemap for your website.
A Sitemap is a map of your "website".

Map San Francisco, CA SitemapHEBexample
Map of San Francisco, CA    Sitemap of my website

A sitemap is supposed to help Google find every page of your website and increase visibility, especially for websites with a lot of pages. You can also submit your website to other search engines.

This post is how I created a Sitemap using a 3rd party free website. Following these instructions may help your website gain visibility. I've known that sitemaps were important for a long time....but was scared. It seemed too advanced for a webmaster novice like myself, but using Google Webmaster Tools (now called Google Search Console) gave me the insight and instructions I needed. (The next post is how to submit your Sitemap to Google.)

Consider reading the previous post if your website is more of a template type hosted by a web service. Most likely they will help you create the Sitemap. It will be easier than these instructions.

Step by step, this is how I created and submitted a Sitemap for my website. You can too!
Harriete Estel Berman website HOME page

First read all the Sitemap tutorials on Google.

The page Creating Sitemaps has links to a number of free third-party tools that can help you generate a Sitemap. (I thought creating a Sitemap on my own was just too much for my inexperience.)

I tried two different websites for making my sitemap. It seemed a little scary to try this for the first time.....but taking a risk is what it takes to survive as a "Webmaster of your own Domain".
Free Sitemap Generator

(This site was used for the tutorial in this post.)

I tested both sites and saw no significant difference in the results between the two sitemaps generators.  was faster.

Create an account with Free Site Map Generator and enter the URL of your site. I came back the next day and a Sitemap for my website was done.

  • DOWNLOAD the SiteMap
  • SAVE to your computer
  • UPLOAD to your website using your FTP (FileTransferProtocal) service. 

Free SiteMap Generator RESULTS

GoogleSubmitSitemapButtonNow I am ready to submit my sitemap address to Google. (This is the next post. )

This post was updated on July 28, 2022, to provide current links.