4 TIPS to Improve Search for Your Images
Are YOU the rel=AUTHOR of your Website?

Creating, Connecting, Community

Creativity is rooted in self-reflection, personal expression, and social context, but context comes by connecting to a larger community. 

Copycatsee72grThe Internet encourages “Us” to share, but tutorials, books, and social networks sometimes facilitate copying or infringement with questionable consequences. 

Do we understand the impact of copying, under-pricing, and sharing information, and skills that someone else invented?

Synergy 3 Join Me at Synergy 3A challenge to the status quo is worth considering. I will be addressing these issues during a talk at Synergy 3.

Stay tuned to future posts as I test and tease out these challenging issues for my lecture. Subscribe so you won't miss one post. Share your thoughts on these topics anytime. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

In the meantime, I still have more posts coming up about SEO for artists and makers. The internet has changed our lives. There is no way we can anticipate the future of e-commerce, but one thing is clear...original content will be the key.

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This post was updated on July 29, 2022.