Are YOU the rel=AUTHOR of your Website?
Artist Author on Your Website in Meta Tags

GOOGLE + Profile is a Rel="author" MUST!

GoogleiconA Google + profile is a must for all artists and makers.
This has nothing to do with whether you want to participate in another social network. Google+ is a tool, just like any other in your studio.

Google Plus for Harriete Estel Berman

Even if Google+ may never be the Facebook it wants to be, Google is making Google+ an internet networking obligation because (as mentioned in the previous post) Google is connecting your Google+ profile to search results.

Google is connecting search to your Google + profile with  Rel="author" HTML code.

Google AUTHOR results

If you want improved visibility for your website or blog in search results, put the rel="author" in the HTML for your website and blog.  I know that sounds challenging but it is within your skill set as a webmaster of your own domain.

GoogleiconThe first step is creating a Google + profile (if you haven't done this already) and completing your profile information.

MOST IMPORTANT, under Contributor...  (scroll down to find Contributor in your Google + profile)...
GOOGLE+ PROFILE contributor ASK Harriete and Harriete Estel Berman

ADD your website and blog under the Contributor heading as your first step to adding Rel="Author" for improved search results. Tomorrow's post will take you through the next steps.

P.S. I also recommend adding all your other social networks to your profile.  (An example is shown below.)

Google+ profile LINKS for Harriete Estel Berman