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The Final Step for Rel=Author

The First 3 Steps to ADDING Rel=Author to Your Sites

Did you watch the Google video in the previous post about rel="author"?

The important nugget is that for every website or blog you need to add Re="Author". I am going to review the first 3 steps all discussed in a previous post.

Google Plus for Harriete Estel BermanSTEP 1.
You must have a Google + profile.
No getting around this. It is a must. Google is not going to give up trying to push its own social network. It doesn't mean you have to be active on it all the time, but you have to have a Google + profile.

UNDER YOUR Google + PROFILE  information:  Add all your websites or blog in the  Contributor section.

SUPER Important STEP 3.
Add the following code to your website or blog.

<a href=" http://your blog/about.html" rel="author">your name</a>

<a href="http:// rel="author"> your name </a>

Below are my examples:

Now every time I sign my blog I add my rel="author" code to the HTML of my post as my signature.

  • The HTML code looks like this: <a href="" rel="author">Harriete Estel Berman</a>
  • The rel="author" signature looks like this:

My signature now links to the "about" page on my blog and tells Google search who I am. I used the "about.html" because my Typepad has an "about" page. (The link is in the left column below my profile picture. Maybe your blog has an "about" page or something similar?


On my website....I linked to my resume* page....because that is where I put the link to my Google profile.  (*Just so you understand...I used my resume page on my website...because I don't have an "about" page on my website.)

  • My resume URL is this: (this example uses the URL for my previous website)
  • The code looks like this: <a href="http://" rel="author"> Harriete Estel Berman </a>
  • The rel="author" signature on my resume page looks like this: Harriete Estel Berman

ADAPT THE CODE to your own circumstances, changing the URLs as appropriate.

There is one more step.
This is the next post.