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"Image File Names Improve SEO"

Today's post is about "Image File Names for Better SEO" (Search Engine Optimization). Effective file names are essential for artists and makers who want others to find their images on line. A few simple techniques can improve visibility for your work.  Here is an SlideShare presentation about naming files. 

The video will automatically forward the images with the original audio recording.  Just click on the "PLAY" arrow. 

REVIEW for Image File Names:

Use REALWords
    (No numerical code from your camera or computer.)

Use Keywords
that describe your image.

Use hypens -  betweeen words.

Avoid capital letters.

Let me know what you think of this presentation or this format, or tell me how to make this better. I just learned how to convert PowerPoint to video with a recorded audio file by listening to Making Video from PowerPoint Presentations.


4 TIPS to Improve Search for Your Images

Know your digital image file extensions and how to use them?

Best sizes for images and what format?

How to "name" your digital image files for distribution.


Know your digital image file extensions and how to use them? - See more at: http://askharriete.typepad.com/ask_harriete/2009/06/do-you-know-and-understand-your-digital-image-file-extensions-.html#sthash.xzA9zh4P.dpuf