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Don't Get Hurt by Black Hat BAD & UGLY

GOOD Increases Your Visibility with Search

The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY in the AGE of the Internet has exceeded 10,000 views in 9 weeks!

Discussions inspired by this lecture on the ethical and legal boundaries have been all over the internet. Just recently I discovered a post on Search Engine Watch titled,"SEO Guest Blogging vs. Guest Posting - Imagine a World Without Links" using the  Good, the Bad, and the UGLY metaphor for SEO professionals about boosting internet visibility.

The important issue for all artists and makers is that
GOOD ethical and legal practices

can increase  visibility
of your blog and website.
Google (and all the major search engines) reward original, quality content.

GOOD-Visibility-is provided by quality contentcolored

Following the GOOD path by writing your own original, quality content for your blog or website will benefit you and the craft community. Examples of GOOD content could include an evaluation or review of a workshop, tutorial, instructions or book. Offering insightful opinion that is informative for your audience's path to success.

GOOD practices honor the original source and boost the "authority of the content" on your website or blog.

  • Link to the original source/website.
  • Include the name of the artist, author or workshop master.
  • Provide resources relevant to your content.
  • References to a magazine publication, or book should include the publisher/volume/date.
  • Shared images should be small with a link to the original image.
  • Ask permission before sharing content you did not write.
  • If you write content - include your contact information so it is easy for others to ask for your permission for future contacts.
  • What else? Can you add some good suggestions in the comments?

Become a force for good.
Good practices include how you post images on Facebook, Pinterest or other social networks. Provide complete information with a link to the original source. Be a force for good by establishing new social mores.

Finally, I wanted to honor an example of GOOD shared by Lindly Haunani. She discoverd an example of good in a post on Beading Daily titled, Do You Keep a Beading Journal? by Jennifer VanBenschoten. Check out her recommendations. 

Being a force for GOOD has many benefits.

BadUglyP.S. Changes in search are increasingly focused on BAD & UGLY internet practices that will penalize your site. (More on this in another post.)