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Looking for a JOB - Step 6 OLD FASHIONED PAPER Produces Amazing Results

Looking for a JOB - Step 5 CUSTOMIZE Your Resume

One-size resume does not fit all. No matter what level of your career, it is best to adjust your resume for each audience.  You don't have to start from scratch every time, but slight modifications to your resume are worth some attention to the details or key highlights.

As a professional artist, you will constantly improve and update. 

Customize-Your-ResumeFor the job search, CUSTOMIZE YOUR RESUME...
Remember the previous post about the SlideShare resume where the examples customized his resume presentation for each prospective job?  Have two or three main versions and tweak them here and there. One might feature particular skills or professional opportunities, or delete irrelevant content. Review your resume and adapt it to maximize relevance to that particular job.

Include keywords from the job posting in your resume if possible. Resumes online and submitted electronically are scanned for keywords (usually not a real person).

Life-Blue-Learn-IT-Game726.18.13cu For the job search, look for job boards....
Look at companies that you want to work for in the future. Most larger companies have pages dedicated to employment positions they want to fill.

Bookmark the job pages so you can check them every morning.

Collect bookmarks to job board.

While I think that online job boards are the longest of long shots for getting a job....it is one possible approach. But you never know.  My daughter got a job through a recruiter looking at a job board where she had posted her resume.



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