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Looking for a JOB - Step 8 - Join Organizations, Mentoring & Network

Looking for a JOB - Step 7 - Walk In

WalkiNWhile looking for a job.....and a place to post your paper sign....there is something amazing in the age of the internet with the super personal one-on-one approach....walk in.  Yes, I found all of my jobs in the past walking into jewelry stores and a plating firm. I walked in and inquired whether they were looking for a jeweler or silversmith. Every time, I got a job.

It was the hardest thing I ever did.

Get dressed up in your job prospecting clothes.  Bring examples of your art or craft with you. Sure....bring images on a laptop, but there is no substitute for one or two real life examples.

Do you understand that in the age of the internet "walking in" makes your extraordinary?  A person  or even a personal note is remarkable.

In my case, I had a few examples of my jewelry and metalwork (ready to show) and a one page resume and a card. I walked in, introduced myself, and said I was looking for a job. I had work ready to show them.

It's a little old fashioned but that is what I did. AND IT WORKED.

Do you have a dream job?

Who or where do you want to work?

Get dressed up and get ready to go.

If this is really hard for you to do....take a friend with you...but the friend has to wait in the car....they can not come in with you.

Another option is to go to every place that offers classes in your medium.  Arriving in person, walking in and introducing yourself to the director or teacher will have more traction than just mailing in a resume, but still... be prepared with your resume. (Who knows?  The teacher may be looking for help in their studio.)

Even in the age of the internet when anyone and everyone can be your virtual "friend", it is amazing that a real live personal approach can be a real winner.