LOOKING for a JOB - Step 3 WORK on Your RESUME
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LOOKING for a JOB - Step 4: Innovative Resume

InnovativeRESUMEConsider creating an innovative resume "live on line" with Prezi or SlideShare for an eye catching and job catching approach. This might work for a graduate school application, residency application, internship, apprenticeship, or even as a studio assistant at a teaching program. It should reflect your creativity, innovation, digital skills, and willingness to try new technologies effectively.


Here are two eye catching examples.
A Prezi resume made by my daughter. Yes, she did get a job. No I didn't help her with this, but I definitely need to learn how to do Prezi, too.



Here is a sample resume on SlideShare.




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Looking for a Job - Step 3 Work on Your Resume