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LOOKING for a JOB - The Year After School

To let your work "speak for itself," someone needs to be "listening."

"If a tree falls in a forest, and no one hears it,  . .  ?"

If you held an exhibition for your artwork and no one came, how can your work "speak for itself?"  So of course, invitations, announcements, and other promotion efforts are necessary.

Similarly, if your art or craft work is simply posted online, does it automatically speak for itself?
How can the work speak for itself if no one can find it?


Google+ profile for Harriete Estel BermanThe potential audience out there on the Internet is just a crowd speeding past your website. How would they know to come to your website?   


FACEBOOKprofileThis is where social networking can play a larger role. Not only can people find your website by meeting you online, but social networking is now playing a significant role in SEO.

Search algorithms are looking at traffic and links from social networks as an indication of authority.

Thinking about joining a few social media sites is no longer an option.
Action is required.


GoogleimageOn the Internet, your images can't "speak for itself" until viewers come to see it.  Search engines have no vision. This is why your images also need:

CLICK on the links above if you don't know what I am talking about here. I continue to see images without the information required to attract anyone from that huge potential audience.  They need some choice words to make the connection.