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The Experience Economy is GROWING

LOOKING for a JOB - Step 10 A Dream Job

What is your dream job?

Have you every thought about that?

Dream JOB comes into focus Research your field or media. Who would you want to work for?
Still in school,  just graduated from art school, emerging artists? What are your long term goals?

Is your future with production, one of a kind, digital technology?  ...or some other media?

Have you considered working for free? Not necessarily long term, but a day or two per week at a dream job....as an intern to gain experience? I've had several interns from a local college, and the super irony was that they paid the school for credit.  They could have contacted me directly, it would have cost them less, and they would have had the same experience.  

For recent graduates, the reality is harsh. The art craft market is not exactly flourishing. Even established artists or businesses may be reluctant to hire help in a slow economy.

But that doesn't mean that you can't work to gain experience.  Consider contacting people personally about a job -- especially if you can make a valuable contribution to the studio. 

Skill diversity is the key to success. I am betting that if you could offer media specific skills and working knowledge of Photoshop, Dreamweaver and CAD to help a business gain more visibility online, they would take you up on the spot. 

VOLUNTER or get you Dream job in action.Businesses these days need these skills desperately and many lack the background to develop an online presence. How are your skills with social media, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram? This could be of invaluable assistance.



Do you know Dreamweaver or WordPress? Could you work on their website? Your skills can give a jump instead of hiring a media firm. 

If you have some basic skills in accounting or working with Excel, they may need a versatile book keeper.

If you know how to edit video, you could offer to make a video about their studio or business or skill.

This range of job skills is not just my fantasy . . . I saw a local jewelry store advertising for one person with ALL of the skills listed above and more.

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