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Looking for a JOB - Step 9 Volunteer

Life-Green-walk-in7.3.13VOLUNTERCU.Volunteering is a fabulous way to accelerate your professional goals.  WHAT?

Yes, volunteering is a great way to gain visibility, learn new skills, get to know other skilled people and professionals in your field, and  . . . they will get to know you. 

All of this can be happening while you make a contribution to organizations in your media.

Volunteer to Network and get a jobThis works at every level and in all fields.
Do you want to get to know other artists? Volunteer.

Do you want to get to know the leading professionals in your field? Offer your help. Volunteer.

Feel uncomfortable with networking? Volunteer. It is a great way to survive being shy when you have a job to do.

Want to learn more about organizing an event?
Help out. Volunteer.

Learn a new skill? Volunteer 

Be the change you want to see. Volunteer.

You've got the idea. Volunteer. Volunteer. Volunteer.

Of course, all of this means working without cash compensation. Perhaps at a low level. But learning is your primary reward and working your way up the ladder of success is your first lesson.  The return on your investment will be invaluable.

Work hard. Listen. Do what you can do . . . then ask for another job.

Sparkle and shine with enthusiasm and sweat. Your hard work will be remembered. Volunteering can be a way to get experience and ultimately a job.

P.S. Volunteer Opportunity below...

Volunteer Network Mentor join organizations to get a job.

San Francisco Metal Arts Guild needs a Social Media Intern

  • Want to learn more about what is happening in the local craft/jewelry community, and be introduced to a network of like-minded makers?
  • Do you find yourself drawn to posting on Facebook and Pinterest?
  • Are you a quick learner on the computer and enjoy expanding your digital know-how?
  • Polish your online skills as MAG's Social Media Intern! Receive a free Metal Arts Guild membership in exchange for volunteering. This is not a Board Member Position, so you don't even have to change out of your comfy pants to get involved!

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