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Purple Cow Documentation via Video and Photography by Rachel Timmins

Today's lecture by Rachel Timmins from
Sacred Cow, Purple Cow, Cash Cow examines new approaches  to documenting art, craft, and more specifically wearable work.  Video is becoming the largest trend with online visibility, marketing and SEO. Models are sometimes used in a more informal style with the girl next door. What is the impact of cell phone documentation?

Andy Cooperman, Brigitte Martin and myself (organizers of the SNAG PDS) asked Rachel Timmins to address these issues with the following questions: 

When you make work do you have a model in mind already?

How deliberate is your choice of models?

Instead of professional fashion models, you work with “the girl next door”. What are you looking for in someone wearing your work?

Is the image/ video conceived to somehow market the work, or do you want it to exist solely as another expression of your work?

What do you think the videos do for your brand or artist reputation?

Purple Cow Documentation via Video and Photography by Rachel Timmins

During this presentation Rachel Timmins played this video titled Tiny.

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These presentations were recorded during the SNAG Conference and brought to you by the 2013 PDS sponsors: SNAG and MJSA. 





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