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De-Installation Without the Artist on Site

If you want your art or craft to travel the world, then unpacking, installation, de-installation, and repacking are crucial issues to anticipate before the artwork or craft leaves your studio.

De-Installation of Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin

Most of us don't have staff who can travel with the artwork for repacking.

My artwork has to travel without me. Therefore I always include detailed Unpacking, Installation, De-Installation and repacking instructions with my artwork when it is shipped out. That is an important concept for every artist and maker who want their artwork to travel to new exhibition opportunities.

But for my very large work, Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin, I realized that a more effective outreach demo for prospective exhibition locations was needed. That is why I created this presentation on YouTube:

With links to the installation and de-installation I am ready to demonstrate in a couple of minutes. Now the challenge is to find exhibition locations.

Packing up the pencils from the installation about education Pick Up Your Pencils, Begini
In this photo, my son and I are laying the pencils
in the custom made paper envelope designed for storage and shipping.

P.S. As anyone who has organized a show with tell you, repacking the work for return shipping is a nightmare. You can hear what French Thompson had to say in this interview with me, Harriete Estel Berman on Jay Whaley Metalsmith Bench Talk on Blog Talk Radio. (Listen while you work with this archived version.)

A previous ASK Harriete post - "Finding Exhibition Opportunities - Instructions for Unpacking, Assembly, Display, and Re-Packing" offered detailed examples for shipping Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin.