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For Extra Long Pages - Use These Arrows

ArrowBlueFor those extra long pages on your blog or website, I have just discovered these great arrows available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles.

GreenArrowThe arrow is added to the HTML code and easy to insert. See what it looks like on this page of my website.

ArrowRedArrowThe fabulous thing is that the arrow doesn't even show up until you have started to scroll down "below the fold". "Below the fold" means below the bottom part of your screen as you scroll down.

Round-ButtonIt seems a little nicer to use a symbolic arrow rather than "Back to top". Here is another arrow on my sculpture page. (Scroll down for it to show up.)

Arrow-Square-boxThis yellow box arrow is on the page for Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin. (Scroll down for it to show up.)
Arrows5transparentFind a large selection of arrow options at:

Thank you to Jeffrey Herman for sharing this resource. If you haven't looked at his silversmithing website, check it out. He has lots of great information for silversmiths or silver fans.