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RECYCLE Art Without Waste Opportunity

Do you work in recycled, re-purposed materials?
Here is an opportunity that I just found out about!


The link below is the best way for you to upload your images, information and consent. 

Please visit the following and upload images as per specific requirements:
If you know anyone who would be a good artist/designer for this publication, please direct them to the Facebook page.  Deadline is today....but if you see this Monday give it a try anyway.

But also learn a lesson. Always have your information and photos READY AT ALL TIMES because while I believe in the "early bird catches the worm", life often offers last minute opportunities if you are prepared. 

So sorry this is last minute...but the deadline is extended until the end of September. Being prepared also mean subscribing to ASK Harriete so you can learn about last minute posts like this one (written on Sunday morning before I flew out the door.)

RECYCLE fruit crate by Harriete Estel Berman

Recycle: the California Collection
Three dimensional fruit crate labels and necklace constructed from post-consumer recycled materials as a commentary on California as the leader in the recycling movement and green design.*