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SlideShare for Exhibition Opportunities

Visiting SlideShare Offices in San Francisco

  Visting SlideShare 026

SlideShare is a fabulous way to present information about your art or craft to your online audience. Many of my SlideShare presentations have over 10,000 views!

SlideShare presentations are akin to online PowerPoints that can be easily shared on your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, website or blog. You can also choose to narrate your slides with a voice recording. What an entertaining way to explain your work to a new or familiar audience.

GoodBadUglySome of my most widely viewed SlideShares are The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY in the AGE of the Internet  with 11,782 views, DocumentationShippingDocumentation for Shipping Art and Craft with 11, 662 views, and  Digital Images with 10, 539 views.  I hope this post gets your mind rolling on how you can use SlideShare to share your DigitalImages200work or ideas.

I have been using SlideShare since 2008, so when I had the opportunity to test their unpublished mobile platform at the SlideShare offices in San Francisco, I said "YES" with enthusiasm.  TALK ABOUT EXCITING!

Visting SlideShare in San Francisco, CA

Visting SlideShare 029 We all know that mobile is the future from the recent presentation during the 2013 PDS Customizing the Cow: New Trends in Cross Platform Web Optimization from All You Can Eat Website Guys.

I am a big fan of SlideShare! 
This was an opportunity to see the future, but it was a little nerve racking. Would I be savvy enough to navigate a new platform?

Visting SlideShare 021Andri Kristinsson was their User Researcher charged with understanding how SlideShare users would interact with their new mobile site. I was given specific assignments while trying out SlideShare on a new Android phone....Andri offered no help! His goal was to see how I figured out the mobile user interface on my own, and then help guide the design process to be an intuitive process for everyone. They recorded my confusion and successes and made note of my expectations in each step of the presentation creation process. They are set on creating a well designed experience, so that we (SlideShare's users) can share with ease.

Visting SlideShare 030
The programmer fraternity in SlideShare San Francisco, Ca.

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   SlideShare  "Jerk Trophy"
   Told this directy by Sylvain Kalache

For 45 minutes he listened to my feedback about SlideShare's new mobile interface and recorded my insights gained from creating 30 + SlideShare presentations. My technical feedback went directly to SlideShare's self-proclaimed nerd team (shown above) in their high tech bubble.

Are you wondering how you can get started on SlideShare for your own work? Below are several tutorials about how to start using SlideShare to promote your artwork.

Promoting YOUR art or craft with SlideShare - Take Your First Step

Promoting YOUR Art or Craft with SlideShare - Adding Audio!

Here is another fabulous idea... create a SlideShare of your resume if you looking for a job.

Stay tuned.
Over the next 3 days, more ideas for using SlideShare to support you artwork will come your way.