Rude, Insulting, Closed Minded, Uncivil, Angry, Aggressive
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Whispering When I Have Lost My Voice

Once a year, it seems, I completely lose my voice due to laryngitis after a cold.  It has taught me a valuable lesson. When I whisper, people whisper back.  Even if I'm angry, my whispered words are repaid with a whispered response.  In other words, whispering eliminates the possibility of escalating a difficult situation beyond a whisper.

HarrietelipsI think that this idea could be applied to many situations, especially with online discussions that can easily be misunderstood.  Whispering causes me to stop and think how to say what needs to be said as simply and clearly as possible. This "stop and think" mode also causes me to remove the emotional or extreme reactions.  I realize that listening to the other person enables me to shape my comments to address their concerns, not just mine.

It works for me.  I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions.


Rude, Insulting, Closed Minded, Uncivil, Angry, Aggressive