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Lecture by Lisebeth den Besten & Ben Lignel About Contemporary Jewelry

Ben-LignelOctober 24 is definitely going to be an amazing day. Turns out that Lisebeth den Besten and Ben Lignel will be lecturing at California College of Arts in Oakland, CA and on my birthday. What a day!

Lisebeth-den-BestenThis lecture is in conjunction with the launching of the newly published book Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective.



DATE: Thursday, October 24
TIME:  5:45 to 7:30 pm
LOCATION: 5212 Broadway
 Nahl Hall and it is free to the public.
Nahl Hall is toward the back of the campus....and UP, UP, UP, a steel staircase on the outside of the building. If you don't know your way around, just as any student to direct you.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION:  BART is easy if you don't mind walking. Just take BART to the Rockridge Station and walk seven blocks to the intersection of College and Broadway.

PARKING NEAR CAMPUS: There is NO parking on campus for regular folks like you and me. I recommend allowing enough time to drive around looking for parking in the residential area between 51st and College Avenue. It is reasonably safe and the walk is only a couple of blocks.

This lecture is a rare opportunity to interact with these speakers. The lectures at CCA are usually small and intimate. A lecture description is below. Take advantage of this opportunity.  See you there. Introduce yourself. Start a conversation. I will be there early for a great seat.

Contemporary-Jewelry-in-PerspectiveIn this joint lecture, Liesbeth den Besten and Benjamin Lignel, contributors to Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective, will look at two facets of this recent transformation:

Den Besten will discuss participatory projects and projects that question issues of value, and show how these strategies move away from ‘object-hood’ into the direction of ‘jewelry-ness’.

Lignel will show examples of how the seven ‘spaces of jewelry’ - discussed in part one of the book - are occupied differently by makers around the world, and focus on the page as a space of production.

In a third part, the two speakers will discuss the particular challenges of teaching (and learning) a craft that often forgets its craft roots, the better to dissolve itself and disseminate into the world.

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