FitBit Evaluation of Design and Function
Eco Arts Awards Semi-Finalists

FitBit Jewelry Past, Present Future or "Silicon is the NEW Silver"

Prestigeset_newFitBit is a new kind of jewelry that extends the role of jewelry beyond the past and present and into a freshly imagined future. Prestige, value and identity might be jewelry of the past and present, but there is a new dimension at our doorsteps.

What is pertinent is not how the work is made, but the function of the jewelry. That the jewelry itself has a new role, a bio-monitor function.

ShineOne of points is that jewelers, textile or fashion could integrate the small electronic functional component into more decorative adornment, combining the traditional roles of jewelry, and fashion with this new 21st century utilitarian aspect.

I am especially excited about the functionality of this bracelet and filled with anticipation of the future.  

Cell-phoneI may be revealing my age, but I have seen the future before. I have very strong memories of the first cell phone in my life.  It was the size of a shoe box, a man's shoe box at that. It weighed about 7 lbs. and featured a hefty strap to carry it. My husband had one of these phones and we loved it.  As new parents the mobile phone was so wonderful, allowing us to go out and feel comfortable that our babysitter could reach us at any time. This amazing phone brought relief from worry.  
It was not too heavy or
cumbersome, it was a privilege that
my husband's company
bought this IMG_6536phone for him.
(They were very expensive, and so was a phone call. You paid per phone call and by the minute.) Can you imagine that phones now slide into a pocket? Unimaginable back then.

FitBit-combinationThat is what the FitBit watch represents to me.  It offers similar new world potential that 25 years from now, everyone, or almost everyone, will wear a bracelet that will tell them if they have exercised enough, need to eat less or can eat more, measured their heart rate or blood pressure, and more. Just as a cell phone has become an essential part of our every day routine, body monitoring jewelry will be part of everyone's well being and adornment. This is a fabulous opportunity for jewelry makers too.

Jewelry that takes on a value beyond prestige, or identity, but health, and well being.
Prestige, Value and Identity Bracelets 
Bracelets constructed from recycled tin cans as a commentary on the roles of jewelry thoughout history by Harriete Estel Berman.

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