Lineage, Provenance, Maker Marks, & Macchiarini
40 COPYCAT THIEVES that have been seen

"Previously Owned By . . ." ADDS Value IF you have the Provenance

W5196h_ Pearl_Peridot_Pendant
Pretty antique jewelry abounds in the secondary market -- unless it has provenance.  A documented special story can change this pretty ordinary-appearing necklace to extraordinary.

W5196_pearl_peridot_pendant_1496_generalThis necklace (left) was previously owned and worn by Edna Thornton (1875 - 1958). Edna was an English contralto who sang with the Beecham and British National Opera Companies in the early 1900's.

"A fine and impressive antique Victorian 6.98 carat peridot, 0.36 carat diamond, natural pearl and seed pearl 15 carat yellow gold pendant and necklace;  AC Silver antique jewellery and estate jewelry collections tells me that a great story can generate  revenue.

W5196 _Edna_ Thornton
Does your work have a good story? Do you keep Inventory Records to establish provenance?


Below is another example where the provenance, the story, significantly impacts both the price and the marketing. 
This  bow pin looks like one of many precious gem bow pins available for purchase, but it has provenance.  In this case it was owned by Jacqueline Kennedy -- with documentation to prove it.  "Previously sold through Sotheby's in 2005", Caroline Kennedy writes that the items being sold belonged to her parents and were "part of their years at the White House." 

We don't know the price.  Currently listed on line as Price on Request, it is one of those questions where if you have to ask you can't afford it, but we do know that the provenance certainly affects value.

Who will own your work now and in the future? How will that impact the value of your work? 

Daphne Farago purchased these bracelets off my wrist, literally. She didn't want any other example of my jewelry. That had value to her. 
That is also how my tin bracelets landed in the Permanent Collection at the Museum Fine Art, Boston.

How is your story working toward your professional success? 

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