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Image File Names for Better Search Engine Optimization

Your image file name is an important tool to increase the visibility of your images online. Learn the four tips in six minutes for improving your image visibility. 

I just learned how to convert this presentation to YouTube. The steps for "Making Videos from PowerPoint Presentations"  can be found by clicking on the title. It took me hours to find this resource, but I can highly recommend this solution. 

P.S. You might be wondering why I had to learn how to convert PowerPoint to video? All my previous PowerPoints were uploaded to SlideShare as SlideCasts with recorded audio. Unfortunately, SlideShare has decided not to support SlideCasts any longer. All my presentations were silent. While SlideShare presentations without audio can be great, my content was not designed for no audio.  My choice is either delete presentations, or updating past presentations to video. 

Stay tuned for updates.