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Generosity of Eye: Art Transformed into Education

Julia Louis-Dreyfus-Father-CollectorRecently I discovered this film about art collecting and thought it was worth recommending. The one-hour long video is about the father of actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus who has donated his art collection to fund education in Harlem.

Apart from the inspiring story of what he is doing with his collection, I am also delighted by the fact that he simply bought artwork that he loved as a patron of the arts. His collection was not driven by "market potential" or as a popularity contest.  He bought work that he enjoyed. His theme of interest was the act of painting. He especially enjoyed the relationships that he established with the artists.

In the video, the question is posed, "Why the H*** does he buy paintings?" The answer is quite sincere and much appreciated.  I only wish that he could have extended the discussion to include all art and craft media.

Generosity of Eye: Art Transformed into Education from brad hall on Vimeo.


P.S.  As a bonus, here is a LINK to a video clip of an interview with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the Charlie Rose Show. IT WORKS! 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Charlie Rose speaks about her upcoming television comedy and her father's art collection and the movie "Generosity of Eye". Worth watching. Hopefully, the video should start at the correct spot. If not advance it to 35.41.


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