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August 3, 2014 - August 9, 2014

Puzzle Props for Your Show Display

Every so often I see a window display that would translate well to the craft show or white tent.  This window was in the San Francisco Airport displaying Hermes merchandise.

The white display stays in the safe territory of "good taste," but departs from standard boring display props. The white puzzle pieces in the larger window were all cut from foam core. Inexpensive, lightweight, and dynamic it would be easy to implement for a craft show booth. Notice how the puzzle pieces break the flat plane by tilting at various angles.

Tilted puzzle pieces allow smaller items to be off the floor on puzzle piece shelves or wedged between pieces.

In the smaller display window white puzzle pieces were both a backdrop, and prop to conceal the plastic watch stand. It also continues the puzzle motif from the larger window.

For this stack of bracelets the white puzzle pieces are both a background, and the foreground of the case. The small puzzle pieces like these are available in a low cost kit for coloring your own puzzle. 

In the second large window displaying men's clothing the puzzle pieces float on the background, and foreground. Notice how the puzzle piece is used as a prop for the tie flying in the wind.

The flying tie adds an animated and enchanting personality. I am sure they just put a wire through the tie so it would extend horizontally; great idea if you sell scarves or any textiles.

Hope you are inspired to update your booth with these display ideas on ASK Harriete . Elevate your craft show display to catch anyone's eye. Stops them in their tracks, right in front of your booth!



OOPS! When Something Goes Wrong - Broken Links & 404 Errors

OOPS-FLOWER-404 series
Does your website have a 404 error page? 
A custom 404 page takes your website to a more professional level. 

What is a 404 page?
A 404 page shows up when something goes wrong on your website such as a broken link or an incorrectly typed URL. Google offers their own explanation at length here.

Why do you need a custom 404 page?
A custom 404 page, can make a problem with your website into a fabulous experience. It is an opportunity to keep your customer, client or fan from becoming frustrated and leave your website. A great 404 page can reinforce your identity as an artist, maker or brand. This presentation below by Renny Gleeson, "The Story of the Page Not Found" explains many of the issues. 

Why did I create a 404 error page?
In an effort to improve my website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I changed the URL for about 50 pages.  Many more changes are in progress. Changing the URL to an SEO optimized format drastically increased the risk that I might make a mistake resulting in a broken link. Though I created redirects for every change (more information on this soon), even a mistyped URL mistake by a future customer can create a 404 error.

404 To Direct or Redirect?
That is a question.
Without knowing what I was doing, I created a 404 Redirect. In other words, my 404 Error page goes back to my HOME page. This is optional. My 404 Error page could just be a custom page which lets the viewer decide where to go. Think about either option for your own 404 page. 

Future posts will offer examples of great 404 page ideas and cover the technical issues along with optimizing your website for SEO and greater visibility.