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October 12, 2014 - October 18, 2014

To Direct or Redirect 404 Error Pages? That is a Question.

When I made my 404 error page for my website, I naively made it a "404 redirect" page.
OOPS-Flower-Design-404-Redirect "redirect" means that when you land on my 404 page, in about five seconds it takes you back to the home page. This is an optional approach to how to use your 404 page. 


LA-County-Museum-404-redirectEver since, I have discovered that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art uses a 404 redirect, I feel much better about this decision.

LA-County-Museum-Art-homeWhen you land on the 404 error page for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, it automatically takes you back to the home page and navigation. 

So your 404 Error page can be static....or a redirect.

What do you think is best? 

For Wordpress users I recommend this video titled, SEO WordPress Panda Fix - Webmaster Tools 404 Errors to learn how to create a redirect for a broken link or URL that you have changed.

Abracadabra - What Is Said Will Be - I Create as I Speak

Hanukkah-light-Magnes-tin-89-16a-bSTARDuring my tour of The Magnes Collection, Dr. Daniel Viragh shared fascinating insights from the Hebrew he was reading on various historical objects . . . and then a startling factoid was mentioned. It turns out that "Abracadabra" -- those magic-inducing words that we think come from the Disney movie Aladdin and Arabian Nights -- actually have roots in the ancient Aramaic language.  The phrase has a meaning; "What is said will be." Wikipedia says Abacadabra means "I create as I speak."

In my opinion, the literal meaning and the passage of this phrase through the millenia demonstrates the power of words. 

This resonated with me a lot.
 I've embraced the 21st century idea of writing down my goals to align myself with the power of postive thinking, yet here is a similar thought expressed in an ancient language.

Hanukkah-light-Magnes-tin-89-16a-bSTAR-circleIn other words, people from thousands of years ago, also had the idea of stating their goals, and repeating their goals, to bring forth the power to make it happen.  They weren't calling for magic, they were stating a call to action with a plan.

So instead of wishful thinking or hoping for luck, you may benefit by actually stating your goals and understanding the action plan needed to make it happen.

Speaking about the power of words reminds me to invite everyone to a brief Hanukkah-light-Magnes-tin-89-16a-blecture at The Magnes Collection. My lecture topic is "Recycle, Re-purpose and the Meaning of Materials." The Magnes is calling this a "Pop up lecture". We will look at a tin and glass menorah from their collection (left), along with examples of my work.

The Magnes Collection is at 2121 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA.  
This is a block from the BART station, and close to the Univeristy of California, Berkeley Campus.