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Giving Thanks, Remembrance and Reflection at Our Thanksgiving Table

The Thanksgiving Table 2022 was a departure from my normal seasonal themes and precision. 

Beginning with a couple of squirts of red paint on a plate -- red as symbolic for a difficult and painful year. The black paper (behind the plate) represents mourning.


A big brush dipped into the two shades of deep red paint, equipped me for cathartic broad strokes to thrash out my emotional pain. 

Over the past couple of years, many of us have felt loss. It may have been personal or more abstract.  Covid, missed family and friends, political worries, or social upheaval -- so much that continues to impact how we feel every day.


For me, my Thanksgiving Table has to be different and unique every year. This is an artist's life revealed -- a table setting that must be memorable.  Pussywillow sticks provided strikingly vertical lines out of a base of red berries from my yard topped with three red roses from the florist. 

 This year I used Japanese lacquer red plates that I had purchased years ago. 

The plates contributed to a practical approach of trying to be inspired and create a new theme while using things I already have.

The table setting progressed rapidly with Marissa's help on the morning of Thanksgiving.  Normally, the setting would be done the night before, but we had to wait this time to let the fresh red paint dry overnight -- those broad strokes had some thick places.

My vintage 1960's gold leaf glasses are always a good choice for Thanksgiving. PXL_20221124_172805455
We need wine glasses.


The napkins were left over from another time when we all entertained ourselves by shopping. 


Vintage 1960's gold plated flatware was the height of style until dishwashers made them too inconvenient. I still love them anyway.


The table is ready for the meal and a small group of company. A small group seemed an acceptable Covid risk parameter.


As everyone neared filling up with servings on their very full plates of food, each person shared one or two "thoughts of gratitude" this Thanksgiving. What can I be thankful for?

I am "grateful for an education."  said an inspiring young lady at the table.

I am "grateful for our neighborhood."

I am "grateful for being born in the second half of the 20th century."

What are you grateful for?

Please share in the comments.