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Seder 2024 - Creating the Table Covering In Mon-kiri

Seder 2024 - the inspiration

The Seder table for 2024 was perhaps the most beautiful table covering I have ever created, yet it was low-cost with a spring theme.
This post shares the serendipitous inspiration and images of my Seder table that may give you some ideas for your own festive table suitable for any occasion. 
Every table setting starts with a moment of inspiration.

This table theme was inspired by a colorful bag of Jeremiah's Pick Coffee beans. 
eremiah's Picks Coffee Bag is inspiration for my color theme for Seder 2024
While looking for an idea.....I spotted a grocery store display of Jeremiah's Pick Coffee in turquoise and orange. These bright spring-like colors  jump started my brain. (This is not a product endorsement or affiliate link -- I just loved the colors of the bag.)

Then, in the next aisle of the grocery store, I found these orange and turquoise bowls (left side of photo) and the oblong plate. I knew that I already had the other orange and blue soup bowls.

turquoise and orange dishes for Seder 2024

ON A ROLL!  These colors also matched so well with the turquoise and orange plates stored in my cupboard that I had not used for years.
I poured all the coffee beans into a reusable storage container and began to modify the coffee bag -- cutting off the top, folding the edges over, and inserting a dish inside to transform it into a centerpiece vase.
Jeremiahs Coffee Bag as vase
A "frog" stabilizes the flower arrangements.  If  you don't have one, an old frog for flower arrangements can usually be found at estate sales for a dollar or so.  Frogs are reusable and better than floral arrangement foam.   
The coffee bag centerpiece anchored the color theme for decorating the table covering and the flower arrangement. Birds of Paradise from a neighbor's yard, and my theme was established.


The next post will be about how to create the table covering. 

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