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Lunch Discussion with Garth Clark - Keynote Speaker at SNAG Conference 2012

The annual SNAG Conference offers many astounding opportunities unavailable for most of us anywhere else. Register for the 2012 Conference before February 29, 2012 and you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a FREE ¼ page color advertisement in Metalsmith magazine!

GarthClarkAs part of the SNAG Conference, look on the schedule for "A Smaller Conference Experience", an informal lunch discussion with keynote speaker Garth Clark. This is open to everyone on Friday, May 25th.

This year's theme, THE HEAT IS RISING, plays right into many hot topics and thought provoking debates! And Garth Clark is known for provocative positions.

Brownbag"Grab and Go" lunches will be available for pre-order purchase during registration or on site with 24 hours notice.

This lunch discussion is part of "A Smaller Conference Experience", a two part program to facilitate more intimate and meaningful discussion at the SNAG Conferences. This is an opportunity to get to know the Keynote Speaker, Garth Clark, and engage in an in depth conversation. 

Garth Clark Put this on your schedule and arrive promptly. Space is limited to a smaller room to facilitate a dialog. Once filled the doors will be closed. 

If you have questions for Garth Clark, please let me know either now or the day of the event. 

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We can use your questions to start the conversation.


AJF_logoA Smaller Conference Experience lunch discussion is sponsored by the Art Jewelry Forum.


A Plethora of Information at Your Finger Tips.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of information at the SNAG Conference.

ASKHarrietePINS72Today's post will share information already available on line. Stay tuned for more information and blog posts about issues raised at the SNAG Conference, along with podcasts and SlideShare PowerPoints of the actual conference content from the SNAG Professional Development Seminar .

Here are the links for today.

There was LIVE BLOGGING by Tara Brannigan of:
A Smaller Conference Experience lunch discussion with Glenn Adamson and Lola Brooks


The Professional Development Seminar. This includes three hours of programmng and the lunch discussion.

If people want to read from the very beginning, including the lunch discussion with Lola Brooks and Glenn Adamson, they should go to pdsnews on Tumbler and read from the bottom up.
If people want to read just the PDS and follow-up Q&A, they should go to the bottom of page four on pdsnews on Tumbler and read up until they reach the top of the first page:

Tarabrannigantype Tara asked me to tell you that she did her best to ensure the content was accurate, but her fingers were flying fast and furious. She was typing the entire time!!!!!!!  She says, "Some sections are paraphrased or perhaps lacking a bit of context, just due to the limitations on how fast I can actually type."

IF you have any questions about what was said, leave a comment on ASK Harriete. I will do my best to contact the speakers directly.

There are THREE HANDOUTS from the SNAG
Professional Development Seminar. At this time they can be found on the Professional Development Seminar page on my web site.  


The Professional Guidelines  offer two documents that are also very helpful and related to this information:

Blogtalkradio A Blog Talk Radio interview with Niche Marketing speaker Emiko Oye and me, Harriete Estel Berman, can be found on Jay Whaley Blog Talk radio. (The very beginning is a little garbled for about a minute....keep listening.)

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A Smaller Conference Experience

An opportunity for you to meet Glenn Adamson!

GlennAdamsonwhitebackground If you are going to the SNAG Conference in Seattle you can meet Glenn Adamson at a discussion called "A Smaller Conference Experience." Glenn Adamson, Conference Keynote Speaker, and Lola Brooks, a conference presenter, will be guests during the informal “Brown Bag Lunch Discussion” on Friday during the Conference.

Lola brooks Bring your lunch and join us for a fascinating exchange with Lola and Glenn in a relaxed environment. (Box lunches will be available out in the lobby to provide you speedy food without going out into the Seattle rain.)

Lunch-bag Ask questions, voice concerns and dive deeper into the issues of making. This is your chance to make connections that last the entire conference -- and beyond. If you aren't coming to the Conference, friend me on Facebook, find me on Twitter, or leave a comment on this blog. Tell me what you want to know. What are the pressing issues in the future of craft?
Brigitte Martin from Crafthaus and I will host the lunch discussion.  Everyone is welcome to join us.
Friday, May 27,  12pm - 1pm
LOCATION: Elliott Bay Room, (located on the Westin Hotel, Seattle, WA)

Read the folliowing books to prepare for this conversation or if you just want heavy intellectual content to help you sleep at night.
51ttLEmm8XL._SL500_AA300_ Thinking Through Craft by Glenn Adamson.

The craft reader The Craft Reader by Glenn Adamson is supposed to be much easier to read. Bring your book and get it signed by Glenn Adamson. That is what I am going to do!


The Metalsmith article about Lola Brooks is informative.

Craft FORWARD Symposium 2011 - Glenn Adamson

GlennADAMSONSHADOW72 Glenn Adamson was the keynote speaker for Craft Forward  on Friday night with a lecture titled, “The Invention of Craft.”   I've been looking forward to this speech for months.

The programming started late, which delayed the Glenn Adamson lecture even later into the evening.  I am home now (near 12:00 midnight) and tomorrow is another entire day of lectures, so here is the Glenn Adamson review in brief.

What did I learn? Glenn Adamson presented an intelligent, articulate, and amazing speach!!!! Plus much more.

This was one of the most marvelous lectures I have ever heard. He spoke to the audience without referring to any notes. He laid a foundation for his argument. He introduced key terms early in the lecture such as "cutting edge, friction, and tension" offering definitions and examples. As the lecture developed and he referred to these terms over and over, you knew what he was talking about. Finally, at several points, he reminded us of his three key points so that we did not loose track of the train of thought.

That all sounds so simplistic. His thesis was not. Wow!

What were the thought provoking issues raised? I am saving the content issues raised in his lecture for another post about the Glenn Adamson lecture which you can find here.

What questions were Asked and Answered?  I did get to speak to Glenn Adamson earlier in the evening after the Manufactured reception. I asked Glenn if he "was going to give the same lecture at the SNAG Conference Keynote address or write a new one." He said he was writing a new lecture!

There is no doubt in my mind that if you miss his lecture at the SNAG Conference May 27, followed by the lunch discussion as part of "The Smaller Conference Experience" you will really be missing something special. That is all I can say for now. (see below)


51ttLEmm8XL._SL500_AA300_Background about the speaker.

A historian and theorist of craft and design, Dr. Glenn Adamson is deputy head of research and head of graduate studies at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A).  He leads the V&A History of Design graduate program, collaboratively offered by the V&A and the Royal College of Art.

Here is a link to YouTube video of Glenn Adamson so you can see and hear him speak. The quality is not very good, but you will get the idea.

People told me that The Craft Reader is much more "rewarding" to read, than Thinking Through Craft.

The craft reader

FUTURE OPPORTUNITY: Glenn Adamson will be the Keynote Speaker at the upcoming SNAG Conference in Seattle. His lecture is first thing Friday morning, May 27.

Glenn Adamson, SNAG Conference Keynote speaker, and Lola Brooks, a conference presenter, will be our guests during the informal “Brown Bag Lunch Discussion” as part of "The Smaller Conference Experience."
DATE: Friday, May 27,  12pm - 1pm
LOCATION: Elliott Bay Room (located on the Westin Lobby level).
Bring your lunch and join us for a fascinating exchange with Lola and Glenn in a relaxed  environment. Ask your questions, voice your concerns and dive deeper into the issues of making that affect us all. This is your chance to make connections that last the entire conference -- and beyond.

Brigitte Martin and Harriete Estel Berman will host the lunch discussion.  We welcome everyone to join us.

These books are affiliate links. Purchase of these books may provide this blog with a few cents to keep going.